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Here are some excerpts from what we did in the studio.

  • Registration

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • ....

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FaqeyProduction with the support of the Young Initiative Fund Written by Martin Schrepel and Rémi Biancconi Directed by Martin Schrepel Casting: Zoé Lepetitdidier Carcano, Rémi Biancconi, Aurélien Laurent, Anaelle Candusso Gomez Image: Nicolas Pradeau and Yanis Aarrouf Sound: Ayoub Obad and Sylvain Ayala Music: Esteban Cellier, Grégoire Duron, Rémi Blancheton All rights reserved FaqeyProduction

Audiovisual projects

Abstract :

Alexia Kodeo, a young student goes out in a car for a walk in town. In a street, she will undergo a carjacking which will not leave her indifferent. This moral wound leads her to get depressed in a bar where she will meet a man with dubious intentions ...

Work done :

On this project we carried out all the sound processing, mixing, creation of the stereo,  creation of the atmosphere, sound effects, ...

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