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The -18 years pack

In addition to the -18 year old offer, we have also created  a tailor-made pack to carry out your projects!  

The pack allows you to benefit from:

3 hours of studio


1 baby mix


€ 80


The pack includes everything you need to complete your project.

Who is this offer for?

Everyone, whether it is to record several musics, or to realize a single project.

With this pack you will be able to spend more time in the studio and therefore enjoy more simply.

2 conditions:

  1. Be under 18

  2. The pack is only available on Wednesdays and during school holidays in all areas.

5 reasons for


  1. What if you came to have a good time at  studio?

  2. Perfect to offer or have an original and UNIQUE experience!

  3. Rather than listening to music , come and create your own!

  4. We all have music that we  sing in our own way this is the occasion of this the appropriate for his  pleasure

  5. We are all Artists, and you have the opportunity to show it.

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