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Welcome to Play Recording Agency.

Play Recording Agency is an Artist-for-Artists company.

My name is Sylvain AYALA I am a Dj, producer, Youtuber but above all an entrepreneur.

My goal is to be able to make music accessible to everyone. That everyone can carry out their projects. Whether for fun, or to become a pro. here you will have a service that you can find everywhere else. But what will be different is that here you will be advised, assisted and listened to. Your project will be carried out in the best conditions in order to have an optimal result. For a project to be successful, the Artist must above all be comfortable and feel good. We guarantee that this is the case here. And those who talk about it best are the Artists who have already come here. Do not hesitate to take a look at the google, facebook and even insta reviews.

It is with great pleasure that we will carry out all your projects. As varied as they may be, each project is unique. With our experience  we have put in place over time all the services you may need. As well for the Artists, but also the companies, the individuals. Anyone can be entitled to it. The company is based on 3 pillars.

  1. Audio production in the studio

  2. Visual identity

  3. Artistic management

Play Recording Agency was created by an Artist, for Artists.

We focus above all on human contact and quality. And not on profit and quantity.

Our interns

Share and transmit our knowledge, our passions.

We are one of the only places to accept interns and we are proud of it!

At Play Recording Agency it is possible to carry out an internship in various fields ...
Music, graphics, artistic management, ...
All types of internship: 3rd, high school, specialized school, training, ....
You are doing an internship, but you are considered a collaborator. Which means that you won't just stand there and watch, on the contrary.

They did an internship at Play Recording Agency

Claudia S.

Peinture Nuage

"The meeting with the artists is a moment of confrontation with the reality which helps us to realize the extent of the knowledge which we still have to acquire ....  "

The atmosphere at  PRA is cool, Sylvain is available to teach us a lot of things and he listens to our skills to adapt as well as possible and open us up to other possibilities. I was able to learn a lot of things about the legal part he offers and that is very profitable. In addition, the discovery of new software is always an essential plus in learning such a versatile profession. The meeting with the artists is a moment of confrontation with reality which helps us to realize the extent of the knowledge that we still have to acquire, which is motivating for the future. In short, great experience and great internship filled with discovery!

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