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Price -18 years old

This rate is made  especially for minors, who  wish  record in the studio. Sing, Rapper, play an instrument, ....

€ 20 per studio session!

that is

60 € for 3 hours of studio

The price changes but not the quality!

You have access to  same materials  as our artists, as well as to the same advice.

And obviously  to  same  welcome .

Who is this rate for?

Anyone from the moment you are under 18.

There is no  no age to love music and be an Artist.

Whether this is your first experience or whether you are used to it, we will be  the  to guide and advise you throughout  the recording session.

2 conditions:

  1. Be under 18

  2. The offer is only available on Wednesdays and during school holidays in all areas.

What do we gain?

Our commitment  To  always summer  to make accessible  to  more music, and studio services.

We also gain the pleasure of having been able to carry out your project.

And quite simply your satisfaction.

So don't wait any longer and contact  us for any other questions or to carry out your project.

Also discover our -18 year old pack, ideal for spending more time in the studio at  a special price

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